Single Screw Cover Feeder Ap0158.4

Reliable cover feeding without operator surveillance is one of the most important requirements in the construction of fully automatic seamers with elevated production rates.

For this reason, Imeta Srl  has developed the AP0158.4 feeder with one screw, as an updating kit for seamers.

The feeding screw is inclined and placed parallel to the stack of covers for natural fluid cover feeding.

By simply replacing the upper stacking ring and feeding screw, the AP0158.4 can feed covers ranging from diameter 50 mm to 105 mm.
To pass from traditional covers to covers for necked-in cans (for example from a diameter of 73 mm to a diameter of 70 mm), simply replace the single cover stacking ring.
Finally, there is no need to replace any part in the event of small variations in cover size, for example from an Open Top to an Easy Open cover.
Thanks to a very simple system with inclined surface the blade no longer requires grinding nor are feeding shims needed to obtain correct adjustment.
In fact, whenever there is a difference in curling thickness, the blade can be fully adjusted using a screwdriver.

The group is connected to an electro-pneumatic "No Can - No Cover" device which stops cover feeding, in a fraction of a second, if the next can is missing.

The AP0158.4 has been tested on machines with 10 heads to speeds of up to 1,000 cans per minute: a series of precise device can guarantee very high reliability at high speeds and extreme flexibility.

Originally developed as a retrofit for the Angelus 60L, the group has since been installed on other seamers, including: MB 450, MB 490, MB 449, MB 10/6, MB 10/4, Manzini A400, Manzini A600, FMC 652, FMC 452, FMC 659, FMC 959, COMACO AGM6, GOETZ 12P, ...

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