Inline Double Seam Monitor

Thanks to a cooperation with a Company specialized in the development in the data acquistion board level electronics, Imeta Srl is now able to offer to all Customer an Inline Double Seam Monitor.

Inline Double Seam Monitor (IDSM) is designed to control the seam quality in canning and canmaking facilities.

It uses the analog signal from load cells measuring the force during the second operation of the seaming process.

The system detects seaming problems at the maximum speed up to 1200 CPM.

It provides an efficient method to detect problems like lid in the seamer, pillar/letter box and product in between of lid and can. A kicker signal for faulty cans is generated, an optional tracking/rejection system is available on request.

Depending on the product related main problem cause return of investment can be typically achieved within 6 month of production.


IDSM provides efficient means to detect and reject cans with the following problems:

° Product inclusion

° Damaged can

° Missing cover

° Double cover


In addition following machine settings and problems are recognised:

° Broken seaming chuck

° Cover in seamer

° Low/High seaming force


The complete system consists of the strain gauges in the seamer head, a signal conditioning unit, a processor with a digitizer frontend, the host PC and the optional Can Ejecting Device.