Seamer Can Height Gage

It works as a precision level for use in seamer can height set ups.


It can be used also as a scriber, planer and shaper gage, for gap measurement, as an adjustable parallel, for transferring settings with indicators, for checking and layout work on surface plates, and with gage blocks or sine bars.

This versatile gage was specifically designed for gage makers, inspectors, tool and die makers and machinists. There is no other similar gage available that combines the design, accuracy and usefulness of this tool for fine height setting and transfer within its range.


In all these applications flush surfaces permit use on the base, the end, the top of the slide and either side.


Gage has a stable width-to-length ratio of 3/4" (19 mm) wide and 5 1/4" (130 mm) length.

Base and slide forgings are hardened and all working surfaces are accurately ground.

The exclusive combination flat and "V" ways on the slide and base provides extreme accuracy, and the three-point contact provides longitudinal movement without side play.

A fine adjustment for closer accuracy and faster settings eliminates slow, tedious tapping to set the gage