Driven Lifters For Lanico Bf-280

Imeta Srl has developed the Driven Lower Plate conversion kit for LANICO BF-280 flanging/necking/seaming machine.

Over the years, in an effort to cut material costs, tin plate thickness has been gradually reduced.

When using these new cans on some old seamers, operators are forced to keep high lower chuck pressure and slow the machine down to avoid smg chuck slippage problems.

The Gear Driven Lower Lifter conversion kit can warrantee the following advantages:

-) Increase in production speed;

-) Increased seam integrity;

-) Reduced slipping of covers on seaming chuck and increase in chuck working life;

-) Reduction in spring pressure, eliminating the problem of mushroom flanges.


Since the conversion is including some modifications in the main frame, it's required the machine to be sent to our workshop.


Considering that the machine has to be disassembled for these modifications,  a proper overhauling is suggested to be carried out at the same time.