Driven Lifters For Angelus 60l

Imeta Srl has developed the Gear Driven Lower Lifter conversion kit to update the Angelus 60L seamers.

Over the years, in an effort to cut material costs, tin plate thickness has been gradually reduced.

When using these new cans on some old seamers, operators are forced to keep high lower chuck pressure and slow the machine down to avoid chuck slippage problems.


The Gear Driven Lower Lifter conversion kit developed by Imeta Srl can guarantee the following advantages:

-) Increase in production speed;

-) Increased seam integrity;

-) Reduced slipping of covers on seaming chuck and increase in chuck working life;

-) Reduction in spring pressure, eliminating the problem of mushroom flanges in can-factories.

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The transformation consists of a series of six oversize pistons, a couple of stainless steel turrets and a strong central splined shaft to replace the original which employs a weak key to transmit motion.

As an option, the transformation can be fitted with a centralised lubrication system to drastically reduce lubricating times of all the lower pistons.

Another option, during transformation, is the inclusion of a new set of high-speed gears to increase spindle rotation speed by circa 20%.

This particular kit permits “softer” seaming formation with a consequent reduction in wrinkle formation.


As the machine does not need to be altered in any way, the Driven Lower Lifters can be assembled directly in the customer’s plant.

However, Imeta Srl are always willing to send their technicians to assemble and train personnel to act autonomously in future transformations.

Driven Lower Lifter kit comes complete with a detailed manual with specific photographs to illustrate all the assembly and setting-up stages of the machine.

After the assembly of Driven Lower Lifters and a suitable overhaul, the  seamer is perfectly able to seam lighter weight cans at high speed, restoring competitiveness to the whole production line.  

Thanks to the great success of this kit, Imeta Srl can guarantee continual stocks of all spare parts in its warehouses.