Ceramic Ball Bearings

The bearings, equipped with ceramic balls in corrosion resistant execution, have the internal and external race made of stainless steel while the ball retainer is made of heat resistant plastic material.


These bearings will be greatly appreciated in the canneries that will seam foods with high acidity and under extreme conditions (steam jet or other things).

Thanks to the high sliding of the ceramic balls, the seaming rolls require a reduced lubrication up to 5 times less than the standard one.


If normally the seaming rolls require to be greased every 8 hours, in presence of ceramic ball bearings they demand just an intervention every 40 hours of work and over.


This will permit to save time for the operator intervention and the machine shut-down with a corresponding increase of the whole line production.


The highest sliding of the ceramic balls permit to obtain a better seaming and to reduce the risk of lacquer pick-up at the beginning when the roll goes in contact with the cover.

Ceramic bearings have a duration up to 5 times higher than the traditional bearings, permitting a remarkable money saving in the time notwithstanding to the bigger first investment.


They can be mounted without modification on all  the seaming rolls utilising the bearings type TIMKEN 4A. Among the main ones we remember the FMC not interlock, Officine Cevolani, SHIN-I, FMI, Manzini, Zanichelli Meccanica and Angelus models L & H.


Besides Imeta Srl  has studied the application on the seamers that normally mount completely different bearings, like Angelus -P- models, Comaco and Ferrum.