Imeta,the Science Of Seaming


IMETA srl has been designing and producing chucks, rolls, change parts, spare parts and upgrading kits for seamers since 1964.

IMETA is synonymous with ability and flexibility, extreme attention to details and complete willingness to satisfy the clients' requests. The company's products for can making, alimentary preserve and soft drink canning industries, are the result of in depth studies calling on extensive profile data banks which provide all necessary information to permit the ideal closure of any type of can.

A meticulous choice of materials, their treatment and a series of strict tests enrich and confirm the results of complex and accurate procedures. The trademark Imeta brings with it the ability to give a complete, wide and dynamic interpretation of the seaming machine sector, by studying and introducing into the market the technologies necessary to develop change parts for the various production types.

Thanks to a custom-made service, Imeta is also able to ensure suitable seaming for non-standard cans, thus enabling each client to improve the productivity of his plants. In addition, Imeta is highly thought of for its ability in the rebuilding of obsolete machines and for its client assistance service, through which the company constantly strengthens the dialogue with its clients.