Inverter Drive Kit For Angelus 60l

Finding inspiration on the new machines, Imeta Srl has developed an easily installed kit "Inverter Drive", ref. AP0444.


Once that the kit is installed, the operational speed variation will be obtained by means of electrical supply frequency controlled by an Inverter.



By means of this retrofit, it will be possible to take out of the machine the complete mechanical clutch composed by more than 30 different part numbers (i.e. more than 50 pieces). 

Start, speed variation and stop will be then fully operated by means of the Inverter drive, that allow soft and easy operations. 

Therefore, this up-grading kit will allow a great maintenance savings, not only on the 50 pieces removed, but also on all the gears (especially the expensive "bevel gear 1L623 + 2L623"), keys and bearings which, thanks to the soft operations, will achieve longer life. 

The kit supplied by Imeta Srl includes all the mechanical and electrical parts, as well as a detailed instruction on how to easily carry out the conversion directly in your plant. 

Moreover, the seamer will keep the handwheel for manual setting operation with security switch.