Electrical Can Opener 750-oe

Opens any can: round, rectangular or shaped, from 50 to 270 mm high (other dimensions available on request).

• "Motor-opening head" assembly, vertical displacement type, pneumatic spring-assisted, enables effortless positioning matching on the height of the can.

• Neat opening (no scobs inside the can).

• Fully made of Stainless Steel material.

Electrical Motor IP 55 encased in a DURALINOX housing.

• Servicing for replacement of wear parts (blade and wheel) by non-skilled personnel.

• Direct positioning under the opening head without lifting the can.

• Striking and opening of the can in a single motion, using the same lever.

• Dismantling of the "opening head" without any tool for daily cleaning in dish washer and sterilization.

• Magnetic device for retaining the cover.



Electrical Motor: 220 V single phase 50 Hz (220V three phase and 380 V three phase on request).

Power input: 240 W.

Nominal torque: 31 N/m

Height: 750 mm approx.

Length: 300 mm approx.

Depth: 300 mm approx.

Net weight: 30 kg.

Capacity: 500 cans 5 kg per hour.




(18/10) stainless steel table (800x700x850 mm) with low shelf, Storage drawer, complete kit of spare and maintenance parts (blade, wheel, wire brush for wheel).