Imeta Has Gone Green!


IMETA has cut its carbon footprint by generating its own electricity from the sun using solar energy to power its grinding machines and is even feeding electricity back into the national grid.
Management decided to install 170 solar panels on the roof of his factory in February 2008 after learning about incentives that offered three times the normal price for electricity fed back to the grid.
The photovoltaic panels cover an area of 220 square meters and are rated at 29 kWp.
In the first five months the plant has produced about 16.5MWh, so the expected production of 31.6 MWh per year should be easily reached.
The installation cost 170,000 euros and, considering the money that Imeta is getting for the energy produced, it should be paid back within about 12 years.
Thanks to this new plant, Imeta is fully able to run its five grinding machines with the solar energy and can proudly say that ‘IMETA rolls are sun power ground!’.