Our Company

A 360° virtual tour in the departments and offices of Imeta

Why would you need Imeta?

Imeta has been specializing in designing and producing seaming rolls and chucks, changeover parts, conversion kits and various spare parts for seaming machines.

Our experienced technical department develops seaming chucks and rolls working with a complete database of over 4,000 different seaming profiles, all having different designs and materials.

Exports make up around 85% of our turnover so we export many spare parts worldwide and provide services to all types of can-making factories, plus canneries filling such products as food and beverage, baby food and pet food.

Thanks to the support of external agents and our network, we guarantee a complete and optimized service.

What is special about Imeta spare parts?

Imeta carefully selects components and raw materials. We pay close attention to their heat treatment and they undergo a series of strict tests. Furthermore, thanks to the specialist steels used in our parts, maintenance times are reduced and productivity is increased.

We use innovative surface coatings to improve the quality of seams and increase the lifespan of the product itself.

Imeta is a large team of people

Today our team is made up of approximately 90 people. The majority of our spare parts are produced within our factory (making them truly MADE IN ITALY). We work with numerous external suppliers to boost the company’s overall competitiveness, but innovation and know-how is a key in-house strength, which is constantly enhanced by ongoing investments in research and development.

We guarantee a comprehensive and personalized service starting with our internal seaming laboratory where a series of tests are run on samples cans and covers in order to identify the right seaming profile.

Imeta holds over 15,000 spare parts in our warehouse ready for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY, so that we are able to act swiftly to solve your problems whilst also reducing shipment times.

Furthermore, in order to reduce manufacturing times, thousands of semi-finished chucks and rolls are ready in the warehouse awaiting their final profile-finishing phase, depending on the specific needs of the client.

With over 50 years in the industry, Imeta is perfectly positioned to provide you with a full range of spares and tooling, various change parts, plus our services for machine overhauling for many different model seaming machines.

Do you need help?

Imeta can offer you various technical assistance including seaming training courses to train technicians in this field and reinforce the constant dialogue with the client.

As a proof of the quality of our products and business philosophy, we have achieved numerous certifications:


We boasted the ISO 9001:2008 certification, valid in the field of “Design, manufacturing and sale of spare parts and equipment for seaming machines and their overhauling”. We also achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification, regarding the procedures of weighing for the merchandise to be delivered by sea.


Our CODE OF ETHICS contains both the main founding principles of our company, and our responsibilities. These principles guide us in our internal and external relationships, for each one of us to behave properly.


Over the past 15 years, we have been powering our machines using the solar energy provided by our photovoltaic installation in commitment to reducing CO2 emissions.

The packaging of our products is recyclable and we have been able to reduce single-use plastic use of a 20%.


In 2016, we are the only ones in the seaming industry to achieve the AEO certification, becoming Authorized Exporter benefiting for Customs security procedures and guaranteeing the fastest delivery transfers to our clients.

We are committed to paying attention to our clients’ needs and requests, in order to fully meet their expectations. Thanks to a dynamic organization and the people being part of our staff, we continue to grow as a business being competitive within a market that is constantly evolving and changing.