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Aftermarket Engineered non OEM spare parts

The science of seaming

Since 1963, Imeta has been designing and producing seaming chucks and rolls, changeover kits and spare parts for seaming machines. We are also oriented towards the research, recovery and definitive overhaul of machines that have become inefficient over time.

We have been highly specialized in designing and manufacturing seamer tooling since 1963.

In our production site in Parma, in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, we make precision items such as seaming chucks and seaming rolls, change parts and various other tooling for cans and component manufacturing.

We have been developing our seaming knowledge, so that today we can boast a vast technical library of the most widely-used seaming chucks and rolls in the world.

Our philosophy is to develop a “the optimum” product, which is the result of

  • Careful preliminary studies involving an experienced team of technicians
  • A very comprehensive archive of seaming profiles for the most efficient seaming
  • Meticulous selection of materials
  • Careful and scrupulous quality control

Thereby we will provide an effective solution to meet your specific needs and requests.

Are you in the canning trade? Are you a Food & Beverage company? A can-making company? Contact us

Our products are not only high quality, they are highly wear resistant and can outlast many alternatives.

We stand out due to our cutting-edge technology and advanced methods to manufacture tooling that is perfectly suited to different types of production. We provide equipment for seaming machines producing various types of cans.

We guarantee a personalized service for the optimum seaming for non-standard cans too.

Moreover, we are specialized in the maintenance and full overhaul of complete seaming machines, often aiming to exceed the original manufacturers production range of the machine itself.

Our Post-sales assistance is dedicated in providing you with a personalized solution.

Only with Imeta you can get the so-called “Optimum seam” in your hands.

We bring the Made in Italy to the world.

Imeta will surprise you as the Science of Seaming is at the very heart of every project.

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