Research and Development

Imeta designs and makes personalized products to grow together with the clients.

What are our strengths? We keep our staff trained and updated, we achieve great working performances thanks to our up-to-date machinery and equipment, and we work with a team of expert professionals who work on meeting the clients’ needs at best. They in fact work on the seaming rolls’ profiles to find the perfect coupling between the seaming roll and the seaming chuck to get the ideal seaming between the can and the cover.

Imeta: a 360º view around the world of seaming.

Our staff carries out a constant work of research to improve the efficiency of the machines and their liability with up-to-date and high-performance personalized products.

We focus on innovation to satisfy our clients’ needs and the various production realities at best. We cover a wide range of competences, from designing and developing of new measurement instruments, complete moulding, filling and seaming lines, to the installation of high-performing seaming rolls with special bearings, and cover feeding and seaming systems, besides the attention to pre-sales and post-sales technical support.