The polishing of the seaming rolls is the final phase of our production process that allows to enhance the characteristics of the base materials as well as the various surface coatings we supply.

Thanks to perfect mirror finish lapping, it is possible to minimize lacquer pick-up from the seaming process, whilst also achieving an extended production lifespan.

Over the years, Imeta has gone further by developing a system to further improve the finishing and guarantee total quality on 100% of production!

To this end we have purchased two automatic lapping machines and after years of research and development with various abrasives and timings, we have reached the perfect formula for each material and / or surface coating.
The results obtained are amazing: simple stainless steel rolls are now brighter than the chromed ones!

This innovative polishing technology is applied on rolls for any seamer: do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for a commercial offer!